Welcome to our school website. 


Welcome back to the new school year. Hope everyone had a good summer. We would like to welcome Michael Sheehan, Mary Williams and Kate O' Meara to our school. 


We will update you on events that will be coming up and all sporting fixtures.



A day in the life of our school

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Two Mile House National School

Welcome to the website of Two Mile House National School. We hope that this site will be of great benefit to our parents, guardians and friends. 
It is our aim that your child will be very happy in our school and will achieve his/her full potential.
Through our website, we will give you a flavour of the many activities in which we are involved and what it’s like to be a member of our school community.We hope that our students and parents will be frequent visitors to the site and that you will gain enjoyment and information from your visits.


Dates for your Diary



23rd - 27th - Active Schools Week 




Tel: 045 - 871200


Water Survey Results

The Green Schools Committee collected information about how we used water. Thank you to the students from 5th and 6th Classes who took the time to complete the water use survey.

The committee have spent some time analysing the results.

Here are the main findings:

  • Average water use per person: 372 litres per week.
  • Washing clothes uses the most water. A washing machine on full cycle uses up to 65 litres!
  • A third of all water used in the house is flushed down the toilet.
  • A regular shower will use about 35 litres of water in 5 minutes. A power shower will use over 125 litres in the same time. 
  • A dishwasher uses about 20 litres of water in an average cycle.




Our school covered in snow!

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